What is a Crossbody Leash?

A sleeker, lighter take on our former Jogging Leash, this new and improved model allows you to take your well behaved pups on a stroll practically hands free. Lightweight but sturdy nylon at just over ½” wide, three stainless steel O-rings to allow for adjustable sizes and handheld leash conversion, and two adorable leash hooks to secure and fasten.

How does it work?

1. Clip the long end to your pup’s collar and adjust the length if needed.

2. Then take the other end’s hook and secure it in one of three O-rings - the first makes a cute handle. The second makes a wide loop for going over the shoulder. The third makes the roomiest loop for ultimate comfort.

3. Simply sling the loop across your body like a backpack strap or purse handle and you’re off and walking!

Mode 1: Crossbody

Mode 2: Classic Leash

Is The Crossbody Leash included in the B2G1?

Yes! Just add three handmade items to your cart and the discount will occur automatically within the cart!

Mix and match with any of our PJP Handmade items!


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