Undated Birthday Calendar - Dogs and Doodles



This is a dog calendar with a difference. The perfect gift for dog lovers young and old, who don't want to compromise on style. A perpetual calendar is one that is kept year after year and saves having to write down all those birthdays at the start of each new year - it’s a 'forever calendar’. All special annual dates in one place. No holidays included.

Designed and printed in the UK on high quality certified 100% FSC Recycled and recyclable paper. Product details:

Size: 30 x 14 cm // 11.8 x 5.51 inches

00gsm matte paper, with 300gsm covers.

12 Months undated: January - December

00% FSC certified recycled paper

Wiro bound


1-3 business days

Pup-Up Shop items are processed and shipped separately from PJP handmade items.