Shop Standard Leashes

Our standard leash us created using quality nylon webbing, designer fabrics, as well as top-rated metal snap hooks. Available in 3 widths and lengths from 4ft - 6ft to fit your needs. This leash is basic, but not. Add a traffic leash handle for maximum functionality.

Shop TL Loops

Made for dogs in the big city, but can be used anywhere! Our traffic leash loop is perfect for keeping your best friend close and out of harm's way. This compact 12" loop can fit just about anywhere. Keep it in your bag or in your car for easy access. 

Shop Seatbelt Leashes

Calling all adventurous pups! The seatbelt leash was designed with you in mind! This handy leash clicks into any standard seatbelt receptacle and can be adjustable to fit just about any pup. Use with a PJP harness for the perfect adventure getaway look!

Shop Jogging Leashes

Our jogging leash was designed for the most active of pups (and owners). Comes with an adjustable waist belt for you and an adjustable leash for your pup. The included buckle-on handle makes it easy to go from working out to every day activities.

Shop Coupler Leashes

Created with multi-dog families in mind, the coupler leash offers maximum flexibility to owners short on hands for leashes! Each end of the coupler is also adjustable to fit multiple dog sizes. The couple is available in 3 widths and can be customized to just about any length you desire.