Shop Barrett Collar

XL Collar w/ Black Buckle

Might we suggest a gold buckle upgrade? It's the perfect luxe tough for this simple print!

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XL Collar - The Eve
Bowtie & Girly Bow - The Barrett
Flowers & Girly Bows - The Eve, Micah, Black Polka Dot

We'll never get tired of this color(less) palette.

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XL Collar
w/ matching Barrett Bowtie

This is the type of matching we can get into!

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XL Barrett Collar
w/ 1" Hunter Leash

Complete the look with a package!

Shop Collar + Key Fob

XL Collar w/ Black Buckle
Key Fob - Ace 

Match your Best Fur Friend this holiday season! 

Shop Ace Collar

XXL Collar

Spoil your good boy with a fresh outfit in just his size. 

Shop Standard Leashes

1" Leashes - The Ace, Storm Stripe, Navy Polka Dot, True Navy Stripe

Looking good on the go!

Shop Collar + Bowtie

L Collar - Ace w/ Navy Buckle
L/XL Bowtie - Navy

Dress for the occasion! 

Shop Jude Collar

XXL Collar

Jude is the perfect print for guys who love to have fun!

Shop Two Dog Package

XL Collars - Jude & Green Polka Dot

An unlikely, but perfect pair. 

Shop Collar + Bowtie

S Collar & S/M Bowtie - The Jude

Big or small, The Jude is perfect for them all!

Shop Nick Collar

XL Collar w/ Gold Buckle Upgrade
L Collar w/ Red Buckle Upgrade

Go ahead, upgrade the buckle. You know you want to!

Shop Collar + Bowtie

XL & L Collars
Girly Bow - Red
Bowtie - Grass Green

An unmistakable color palette.

Shop Dapper Dog Package

L/XL Bowtie & 1" Leash

Why just buy the collar when you can have the complete package?!

Shop Alec

Cozy plaid for fall? Yes, yes, yes!
The Alec is the perfect plaid for just about any coat color. 

Shop Dutton

A rust colored aztec print may be just what you need to complete your pup's wardrobe.

Shop Ashby

Have an outdoorsy guy on your hands? This wood grain print may be on his list this year!

Shop Neil

Our world definitely revolved around Neil over here. 

Shop Gunnar

If you can't see it, Gunnar is a perfect fall camo with a modern twist.